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India in danger of becoming a majoritarian, illiberal democracy:laments Hamid Ansari


Vice President of India Hamid Ansari has lamented that India was in danger of becoming an illiberal democracy.

He made this observation responding to the media. He said: " I believe that the core principles of India are under threat. As far as core values are concerned, it is a plural society dedicating itself to secularism and the realisation of all those principles which are listed in the Preamble of the Constitution. These are being questioned in one form or the other. It is wrong to label people as more or less nationalist. Our nationalism is defined by the Indian Constitution. It is inclusive. It includes the entire citizen party. Now if an effort is being made for this reason or that reason to circumscribe that, to say that no an Indian national is this but if you don't do this then you are less of a national - that is where problem comes in.

Muslims do a feel a greater sense of unease today because of "incidents" which have taken place. I think the media has been full of reports of incidents which cannot but cause unease, whatever the reason might be, wherever the incidents might have taken place but if you take them in totality then there is a sense of unease.

Union Minister Jayant Sinha garlanding the accused in a lynching case in Jharkhand is condemnable. They are sending a message to their core following and sending a message to the rest of the citizen body in the country and this is what is worrying. If you are in a public position whether as an elected representative, as a minister, an official, as member of judiciary you have by your public utterances and public behaviour convey certain messages that you are not representing this opinion or that opinion, you are representing that opinion of the State as inscribed in the basic principles of the State."


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