Dalai Lama’s inaugural address at WHC

Tibetan Spiritual Leader Dalai Lama has observed that all religions teach compassion. Their aim is to benefit humanity.H e was delivering the inaugural address at the World Hindu Congress held in Dehi.

Around 1800 delegates from 50 countries took part.He said: “Dear spiritual brothers and sisters, it’s a great honour for me to participate in this World Hindu Congress since I consider myself to be just another human being. I always emphasize that we 7 billion human beings are the same, mentally, physically and emotionally. Whether we are kings or queens, beggars or spiritual leaders, we are all born the same way. We depart for the next destination in the same way. However, because we tend to forget this sameness, we stress instead the secondary differences between us. We think of each other in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’. Nevertheless, we should remember that if and when we escape a natural disaster and encounter someone else, we willingly greet them as a fellow human being with no concern for where they come from or what they believe. Children too embrace each other as fellows without concern for differences between them.

Today we face all kinds of problems, war and violence for example, problems that we created. In trying to address such problems we’re much better to emphasize that we are all human beings. We all want to lead a happy life and just as we value human affection, so do others too. Indeed, our lives begin and we survive in an atmosphere of affection. If we think of the oneness of 7 billion human beings in this context, there is nothing to divide us.

I am a student of the Nalanda tradition and a Buddhist monk. I’ve studied a bit, but by and large have been a lazy student. However, I have great admiration for the scholars and spiritual practitioners of ancient India. I read and admire their writings, which reveal that they used their human brains to the maximum. In the writings of Aryadeva, Bhavaviveka, Dignaga and Dharmakirti there is much debate and analysis of different traditions. Their writings are lucid. It’s clear that Buddhist knowledge advanced in response to the intellectual challenge from other schools and that non-Buddhist schools also developed accordingly. Despite philosophical differences between them, all major religious traditions are conducive to peace of mind.

All major religious traditions teach compassion, forgiveness and self-discipline. For those who propound belief in a creator, single-pointed faith is God is a powerful practice. For those who believe in causality it is powerful to understand that if you do good you will benefit and if you do bad you will suffer. The aim, the goal of all these traditions is to benefit humanity. “




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