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Buddhist traditions are liberal; there could be a female Dalai Lama in future : Dalai Lama

There could be a female Dalai Lama in future Dalai Lama 700 01
Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama has observed that there could be a female Dalai Lama in the future since Buddhist traditions are very liberal, having equal rights for both genders.

The Dalai Lama made this observation addressing an audience at the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay. During his address, Dalai Lama said:

“Both Tibetan and Indian masters of the highest ordination have been females as well. If in future, the female body is more effective, then certainly yes.

Education from kindergarten should imbibe the importance of emotional hygiene because for physical health, the mind must be at peace. Physical hygiene is about keeping the body healthy, which is very important. A healthy mind is important as well. In India, the knowledge about mind and emotions is over 3,000 years old. Bharat is the only civilisation, which as early as 3,000 years back, developed concepts like Vipassana. These are techniques to bring peace of mind. Happiness is very much related with peace. There was too much violence and suffering in the 20th century. The 21st century should not repeat it and there should be peace. But without inner peace, you cannot develop genuine peace. Human intelligence must combine with warm-heartedness.”


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