Obamas bid adieu to India with folded palms


US President Barak Obama and the First Lady Michele bid adieu to India with folded palms and with another ‘Namaste’ as they boarded the Air Force One at Palam Airport wrapping up their three day visit. Their next stop is Saudi Arabia.

Burial for King Abdulla in ascetic tradition


Saudi Arabia King Abdulla bin Abdul Aziz was given a simple burial in ascetic tradition on Friday. His body wrapped in a white cloth was carried in ambulance to a cemetery in Riyad following a prayer at Imam Turki bin Abdulla Mosque. Leaders of the world participated in the prayer.   

Modi meets Ban ki Moon


UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon was received by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the meeting of vibrant Gujarat Summit on Sunday. 

Tail of the missing Air Asia Flight found


The tail of the missing Air Asia Flight has been found in the waters of the Java Sea. Indonesia's National Search and Rescue Agencyofficials said on Wednesday.

The cockpit voice and flight data recorders- black boxes are located in the tail section of the plane. The find could help to discover the cause of the crash.

AirAsia flight- QZ 8501 travelling from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore crashed on 28 December with 162 people onboard. So far about 40 bodies have been recovered. No survivors have been found.







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