Canada’s PM holds baby named after him


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cuddled a baby named after him by a Syrian refugee family as an act of gratitude. The baby was named Justin Trudeau Adam Bilan. It was a gesture of thank you to their adopted country. Premier Trudeau held the baby briefly at a Calgary Stampede breakfast recently. Reports say that the boy was born in May in Calgary - several months after his parents and their two children fled Syria's war. They hail from the capital Damascus.

World leaders to move forward on Climate Change


World leaders have decided to move forward collectively on climate change declaring the Paris accord is “irreversible”. They also acknowledged US President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement.

UK PM wins confidence vote with narrow margin


UK Prime Minister Theresa May won a confidence vote in parliament on Thursday with a narrow margin when the Queen's Speech -- was approved by 323 votes in favour and 309 against in the 650-seat parliament. She secured the support from the small ultra-conservative Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).






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