Significance of the name Koneswaram


By V.Varathasuntharam

Isvaram is a sacred site of Lord Siva. Thirukoneswaram  (திருக்கோணேஸ்வரம்) means a sacred hillock of Lord Siva. This venerated place is also called Thirikonamalai (திருக்கோணமலை) and Thirikonamalai (திரிகோணமலை) meaning three sided sacred hillock.

The presiding deity at Koneswaram


By V.Varathasuntharam

It is with great piety that the pilgrims on the Swamy Rock worship Siva Lingam, the presiding deity installed in the sanctum sanctorum of Koneswaram temple.

Saint Sampanthar’s hymns on Koneswaram


By V.Varathasuntharam

Thirugnana Sampanthar, Thirunavukarasar, Sutharamurthy,and Manicavasakar are four great crusaders of Saivaism, who composed religious hymnology  that  came to be known as Thirumurai.

Antiquity of Koneswaram


By V.Varathasuntharam

The origin of Koneswaram, according to geologists and mythology, dates back to early legendary era when there had been an oceanic bed upheaval around 306 B C in which the earliest temple of Koneswaram was submerged.









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