Rajini announces entry into politics, launch of political party


Super star Rajini Kanth has announced taking part in politics while addressing the fans at Rajakendra Wedding Hall today, December 31. He made the announcement amidst applause. The meeting commenced with the singing of Tamil Thai Valthu.

He stated that it is certain that he would enter the arena of politics. He would form a new party and contest the forthcoming polls for the Tamil Nadu Assembly. His party would contest all 234 constituencies without forming alliance with any political parties. His party would not contest the local polls as time does not permit.

During his address, he said:"Politics and democracy have gone pretty bad. Some political incidents in the past one year in Tamil Nadu have made every Tamilian hang his head in shame and people of all other States were "laughing at us.

If I do not take this decision now, the feeling of not having any effort to do good through democratic means to the Tamil people who gave me life will haunt me till my death. This has become possible only with the blessings of the God and full support of people.

Bhagawad Gita states the importance of doing one's duty and leaving the result to the Lord. This is the compulsion of time. Engage in war, if you win you will rule the nation, if you die you will go to heaven. If you go without waging war, they will call you a coward."




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