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Imposing Hindi will result in disintegration: Ramadoss


PMK leader S. Ramadoss, an ally of the BJP, has condemned that Union Minister Shah’s proposal for Hindi to be the identity of India would tantamount to imposing Hindi and would result in the disintegration of the country.

He was responding to Shah’s remark on Hindi being made a common language for India. He stated that Shah had the right to extol the greatness of Hindi but he could not impose the language on others.

Ramadoss said:

“Hindi can never be the identity of India as it will lead to depriving the right of languages such as Tamil. Just because more people were speaking Hindi, it could not be a unifying factor.

What will happen to unity in diversity? India is a union of states consisting of people speaking various languages. People speak languages that are much older than Hindi and have rich culture and literature. To state that Hindi should be the only official language in India goes against federalism and democracy.”



Trincomalee Beauticians’ Development Co-operative Society inaugurates training for Youths

- By S.Kathiravan Trincomalee Beauticians’ Development Co-operative Society has inaugurated a program to provide one year training to 14 youths in beautician trade in Trincomalee. The...
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Chandrani Bandara graces Children’s Day in Matale

- By J.M.Hafeez Minister of Women and Children’s Affairs Chandrani Bandara graced the event held in Matale recently to mark the International Children’s Day as its...
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Rasamanickam’s 45th death anniversary remembered in Batticaloa

The 45th death anniversary of the former Leader of Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi former Pattiruppu Parliamentarian S.M.Rasamanickam was commemorated at a solemn ceremony held at...
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Leaflet campaign in support of Gotabhaya in Batticaloa

A leaflet campaign in support of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna presidential candidate Gotabhaya Rajapakse was launched at Kalaldy Bridge in Batticaloa on Tuesday. ...
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