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S.T. Sinnadurai 35th Death Anniversary - A Tribute To A Man of The People



23.07.1903 - 22.03.1980

It is difficult for me to imagine that “Leela Sinnathurai” as he was affectionately addressed by his numberless friends would be 100 years old now, had he been living.

“Leela “ was the name he gave to his numerous business concerns- Leela press, Leela Engineering works , Leela Panchangam Calenders both in Tamil and Singala etc.

He was known as “Gandhi Sinnadurai’ in his birth place of KKS for he was a follower of Mahathma Gandhi and for his simple life style. Money and Positions did not spoil him or change his habit. He was always in his spotless white  “National’.  Whenever he had a function at his residence,  there were the so called elite and the ordinary seated next to each other.

Had he been living today he would have been shedding tears   for the plight of our People in the north, East and the rest of the country.

He was indeed a quiet Politician, a Federalist at heart at that time but did not want to contest any seat. I know that his opinion was sought after on various matters by politicians of various colours. Perhaps it was only at new Leela Press at that time one could see the propaganda materials of the UNP, SLFP, and the TULF being printed under one roof.

I had known the man closely from the fifties. When I was Deputy General Secretary of the G.C.S.U, after the ethnic riots, he was one of those who pressured me to leave the post of Assessor, Inland Revenue and avail my services to organizations from where I could contribute towards the   struggle of our people. That is way I am deeply indebted to him.

As much as he belongs to all those many, daughters in law, grand children and great grandsons assembled to pay homage, he also belongs to all of us.

He died a happy man. Perhaps, his only sorrow was he was unable to accept the challenge of his beloved wife “Saupakiyam” and have a daughter of his own in the midst of nine sons.           



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