‘Address human rights violations’ AI tells Govt


The Amnesty International has urged the government of Sri Lanka to address the issues of human rights violations in the island in 2014.

AI made the request in its 424-page annual report which lists human rights abuses in 160 countries. Amnesty International's Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of human rights in 160 countries during 2014, including 29 countries in Asia Pacific where there has been a harsh crackdown on freedom of expression across the region.

On Sri Lanka, Amnesty International (AI) said: "Sri Lanka faced a catalogue of endemic human rights issues in 2014. Unlawful detentions and torture by security forces were carried out with impunity as the authorities continued to rely on the Prevention of Terrorism Act to arrest and detain suspects without charge or trial. Human rights defenders and f amily members of people subjected to enforced disappearance were threatened and arrested, and fatal attacks on religious minorities went unpunished.

Human rights defenders received threats of reprisals by government officials and supporters if they were suspected of contacting investigators or otherwise advocating human rights accountability."




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