Methodist Church welcomes resolving ethnic issue through constitution enactment



President and Bishop of the Methodist Church of Sri Lanka Rev. Asiri P. Perera has expressed appreciation of efforts to find a lasting solution to the burning ethnic issue that has cost so many valuable lives in our country through appropriate constitutional change.

He stated: “We should not forget the fact that both Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksha (who received 47% votes) and President Maithripala Sirisena (who received 51%votes) pledged to the people of Sri Lanka that they would bring in a new Constitution if they were elected to be the President of the country on the 8th of January 2015.

All those who now try to bring to a halt the exercise of formulating a new Constitution must realize that they are acting against the will of the majority of the people in Sri Lanka and we as a Church call upon all such persons and groups to kindly give up their campaign and stop their irresponsible actions and join in the process of formulating a new Constitution.

The Methodist Church Sri Lanka entreats all people of our land and especially the Christians to pray and get involved in healthy discussions and dialogue that promotes the need to find a lasting solution to a burning ethnic issue that has cost so many valuable lives in our country, and resolve the same through appropriate constitutional change.”




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