"Quit UNP led govt if you seek our alliance for polls": JO to SLFP


The Joint Opposition (JO) has stated that the JO will ally with Sri Lanka Freedom Party to contest the next local government polls only if it quits the UNP-led government. 

This is stated in a letter written by fiifty two JO MPs to General Secretary Minister Duminda Dissanayake. The letter lays down seven conditions. This was their response to Minister Dissanayake’s letter dated Oct 19 calling on the JO MPs to join forces with the SLFP to contest the forthcoming election.

The seven conditions stipulated in the letter are:

1. The JO demands the SLFP ministers within the government ranks must leave the government with immediate effect.
2. Action should be taken to bring down the rising cost of living.
3. T SLFP members should oppose the government plans to sell off the country’s national assets to foreigners.
4. The SLFP members should respect the ideals of the party’s founding fathers and respect the opinion of the Maha Sangha.
5. The SLFP MPs should immediately leave the constitution-making process which will turn the country into a federal state.
6. Legal action should be taken against those implicated in the Treasury Bond scam irrespective of their social status.
7. Action should be taken against the underworld activities and rising wave of crime in the country.




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