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Maha Sangha trusts assurance by President, PM on proposed constitution : Sri Sumangala Thera


The Chief Prelate of Malwatta Chapter, Most Venerable Thibbatuwave Siddartha Sri Sumangala Thera has stated President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has given assurance that the proposed new constitution will not harm the foremost place given to Buddhism and the unitary status of the country and that it will never cause any harm to the country.

He added that everyone should extend fullest support to the government activities as there won't be such an opportunity in future.

He made these observations when the Joint Opposition MP Dinesh Gunawardena called on the Nayaka Thera in Kandy yesterday to submit the JO proposals for new constitution.

He further stated that the members of Maha Sangha have the full confidence in the President and they can believe the President's statements. He and the Maha Sangha would not remain silent if anything harmful to the interests of the country took place.

He went on that since Parliamentarian Gunawardena is also a member of the committee on drafting the constitution, he could move amendments if it is necessary for the benefit of the country, nation and the religion. Otherwise, it cannot be done forever.

He also pointed out that the country had to face the greater disaster as a result of the blocking of Bandaranaike - Chelvanayagam pact and there was a setback in the country as a result of the protests against the pact. Thousands of people lost their lives due to this reason.



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