TNA strives for dignity, equality for Tamils through a constitution acceptable to all: Sampanthan


Tamil National Alliance Leader R.Sampanthan has stated that the Tamil people’s representatives are sincerely and strenuously engaged with the Sinhala people’s representatives to ensure a healthy society through the adoption of a constitution acceptable to all communities so that the Tamil people can live in this island with dignity and equality.

He made this observation addressing the second session of the 13 th International Conference of Tamil Cultural Movement held in Jaffna. State Minister V.Rathakrishnan, TNA Parliamentarians Mavai Senathyrasa, Sitharthan, E.Saravanapavan, M.A.Sumanthiran and others participated.

Sampanthan stated that what Tamils seek is their birth right to be equals in the island and live with dignity managing their own affairs in their traditional areas in a united and undivided country.




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