No force can reverse Govt’s development program: PM


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has reiterated that the United National Party would not allow anybody to reverse the development that has commenced under the good governance government for the people.

He was speaking at the UNP May Day rally at Campbell Park, Borella on May 1. During his address, he said:  ‘The Rajapaksas of the previous government who are very well aware of their losses at future elections because of the government’s development projects, are attempting to disrupt the these programmes. We will not allow it.

“We accept that the UNP has not been able to solve the issues of the party supporters who were subjected to political vengeance. But, we request you to support development programmes initiated by the government.

The previous Rajapaksa regime handed over us a bankrupt economy with a heavy burden of foreign loans. We had to make the economy stable and then initiate the development projects. Rajapaksa regime put the country in a labyrinth of debt and burdened with loans to the tune of Rs.960 billion.

The previous government had no plans to settle the loans. They had lost the GSP Plus facility that the UNP government had obtained to export goods to Europe. As we promised during the election campaign, we obtained the GSP Plus facility again two weeks ago."






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