Let New Year be an omen of national unity: JVP


JVP has called upon all Sri Lankans to make the Sinhalese – Tamil New Year an opportunity to resolve to build a massive people’s power, to have courage to go on a new socio- economic journey and make it an omen of national unity that makes us one Nation.

The New Year message issued by the Political Bureau of the JVP said:  “The New Year joyously celebrated by the Sinhalese and Tamil masses dawns on 14th April this year. We wish the majority of Sri Lankans who celebrate this cultural festival a Happy New Year.

The New Year is linked to novelty in everything. According to astrology the sun moves from constellation of Pisces to that of Aries. However, the cultural festival that is linked to this belief is a social phenomenon that affects the lives of our people positively. This is an opportunity to remove unwanted old things and fill life with novelty and also to think a new of the path we have taken hither to.

All administrations that ruled the country during this period could never find solutions for issues confronted by the majority of the people in this country. This is why the Sri Lankan society that had moved along the same old vicious circle throughout last 69 years should be driven along a new cycle with a new zodiac.

The ruling class does not have a new economic strategy other than the bankrupt neo-liberal economic system to confront the economic crisis. Their only temporary solution is to sell national wealth; burden the people with the weight of the economy; slash people’s welfare. They have driven the country and the people towards the depth of crises. Every person in the country being in debt to the tune of Rs.500,000 and the country being trapped in a debt trap of nearly Rs.10,000 billion are only one reflection of these crises.

Despite wishing each other for a happy New Year, there is no possibility of New Year being auspicious for everyone. This is why wishes made in all New Years could not be fulfilled.

However, there is no other omen other than the New Year to resolve to move the Sri Lankan society towards bringing victories to the country and our people. The New Year creates a very precious omen for the masses to aspire for new aspirations and new determinations. For the New Year to be genuinely auspicious the majority of the people in our country should break loose from their old attitudes and should instill in their minds new ideas to go on a new journey.

The first step towards this, we believe, is to change the old political decisions and take new political decisions. We wish that the masses will make this New Year an event to gain new vigor to embark on a new political journey that would build a new society to bring genuine victories for the people and the country.”





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