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Passing away of Ven. Pemasiri Mahanayaka Thero is loss to world Buddhists: President condoles

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

President Gotabaya Rajapakse has condoled that the passing away of the Most Venerable, Aggamaha Panditha Napane Pemasiri Mahanayaka Thero of the Ramanna Nikaya was not only a loss to the nation, but to all the Buddhists all over the world.

His condolence message said: “Most Venerable, Aggamaha Panditha Napane Pemasiri Mahanayaka Thero had been a patriarch of the Maha Sangha and a symbol of the meaningful depiction of the teachings of the Buddha. He spent the entire life as a monk to provide a most compassionate service to the people. The Maha Nayaka Thero, during his visits to villages preaching Dhamma, not only strived to spiritually awaken the laymen, but also inquired into their social issues and dedicated himself to address them as well.

Most Venerable, Aggamaha Panditha Napane Pemasiri Mahanayaka thero’s service to prosper and propagate Buddha Sasana received both local and global recognition and he was accorded with the title of ‘Aggamaha Pandit’, the supreme accolade presented for reputed Theros across the globe by the government of Myanmar. The Mahanayaka Thero, who accepted all these accolades and honours with a heart full of “Metta” as professed in Buddhist philosophy and continued to maintain a simple lifestyle.

I wish to gratefully recall that the advice given to me by the Most Venerable, Aggamaha Panditha Napane Pemasiri Mahanayaka Thero was of immense value in successful formulation of state policies regarding religious matters.

The service, Most Venerable, Aggamaha Panditha Napane Pemasiri Mahanayaka Thero rendered for his country, nation and religion is unparalleled. May he attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana.”

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