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Sajith helped SLPP to obtain a two-thirds majority … John Amaratunga

John Amaratunga

Former UNP Minister John Amaratunga has charged that Sajith Premadasa has in reality helped the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna to obtain a two-thirds majority by causing a split in the United National Party.

He made the charge speaking to the media on the outcome of the polls. He said:

”We respect the peoples’ wishes, but Sajith Premadasa in deciding to break away from the UNP, has failed to achieve what should have been his first objective – preventing the Podujana Peramuna from getting two-thirds of the seats in Parliament.

History has proved the party winning the Presidential Election would go on to win the Parliamentary polls that followed. Sajith knew he cannot become the Prime Minister this time. So the next best thing he should have done was to ensure that the Rajapaksas did not get a majority that would enable them to reverse all the democratic gains achieved through the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

The SJB was meant to be a UNP – led alliance with Sajith as its Prime Ministerial candidate, but he made it his alliance and in the process divided the UNP.

If the SJB had contested as a UNP-led alliance it would have secured more seats, which would have prevented the Podujana Peramuna from obtaining a two-thirds majority. It is evident that in this election, political parties based on policies have been overtaken by political movements. It could lead to an unstable political situation in the years to come.”







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