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We need to protect the UNP for a better future for the motherland … Ranil


United National Party Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe has stated that it was his duty to consolidate the UNP and ptotect the party for the betterment of the people of this country. We would not let anybody to divide this grand old party.

Speaking to the media, Ranil said:

“We have taken disciplinary action against some members for acting against party decisions. Even though the decision was difficult we had to take it for the sake of the party. I am not here every day; I will not even expect to stay here. This was not an easy decision. We needed to put a lot of thought into it.

I took every step to protect the UNP. I even fielded Sajith Premadasa as presidential candidate. The reason for his defeat is the lack of 2.5 million Sinhala votes. Then we should see why they did not vote for us.

If we do not look into that we are neglecting and allowing the party to be destroyed.

In this election we told Sajith Premadasa to become the prime ministerial candidate. We even allowed him to be the opposition leader and trained him. There was only one condition. He must contest under the UNP. Since 1947, the UNP has contested every election. In all 15 elections our members have been there. We cannot stop it. It is a part of our party constitution.

If they wanted, they were told that thay could contest under an alliance, just as we contested the 2015 parliamentary election. Then we could have used an alliance name and our elephant symbol. However, for some reason or the other they left.

They went to court against us. Courts said that the UNP expected to create an alliance under UNP leadership. They said that the SJB is a separate party. They said that our expectations had not been met and this party was damaging the UNP.

The decision that I had to take was not an easy one. There are people that I know. If they want to leave, they must resign from the party.There were issues in the party; the leaders had issues, whatever happens, no one left the party. If that party is not good for someone, they should create another party. I cannot legally stop that. If they want, they can join the SLPP; we do not mind that.

But they should not go about telling the people ‘We are the real UNP’ and damage our party. I need to protect the UNP; we all have that responsibility.

“Even though the decision is difficult we have to take it for the sake of the party. I am not here every day; I will not even expect to stay here.”







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