Upul on the need to reveal SC opinion

President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka has urged that the opinion expressed by the Supreme Court in response to the reference made by President must be made known to the people. 

He was addressing a media meeting. He went on:    

“ It’s doubtful whether the Commissioner of Elections too is aware of the opinion given by the Supreme Court states the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL). A report of 26 pages have been presented to Parliament recently but it is doubtful whether it is the opinion of the SC and added that it is hard to believe that the SC would give such an opinion.

It is doubtful whether the Commissioner of Elections himself knows the opinion given by the Supreme Court. He too may have seen it only in newspapers. We wrote to the Registrar of SC ten days ago to make available to us the opinion of the SC. However, there hasn't been any response.

According to presidential election act of 1978 public money as well as private funds cannot be used to get votes. There cannot be any feeding. Lawyers and civil organizations have requested us to mediate regarding violation of election law. We do not work for any political party. We are apolitical. We would consider getting involved if any party seeks our mediation regarding violations of election laws.As a result of the request made by civil organizations and trade unions we would actively mediate regarding violations of election law. We would take legal action against officials who do not implement and enforce the law.

If the bribery commission doesn't take action regarding offering of meals, bribes that come under the bribery act, we would file cases and take legal action with the approval of the Attorney General. We have to consider that the Commissioner of Elections is favouring a party if he doesn't take action against those who violate elections laws. We believe the Commissioner of Elections would not come down to that low level”.




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