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Peiris extends open invitation to SLFP to join SLPP

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Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Chairman Professor G.L. Peiris has extended an open invitation to the Sri Lanka Freedom Party to join his party in the larger interest of the country. He added that the most desired symbol to contest the presidential election was the lotus bud.

He made the appeal speaking to the media at the SLPP office in Battaramulla on Monday.

Addressing the media, Peiris said:

“The SLPP is akin to the ancestral home of the SLFP. During the several rounds of discussions held, the two parties have agreed upon more than 20 points based on principle. We have always been sensitive, accommodative and flexible in these talks. If SLFP decides to join, we welcome the SLFP with open arms.

The bulk of votes the SLFP has is limited. Although it is not many, the SLFP is of the opinion that its voter-base is crucial. The issue is whether they will use it to strengthen the country. At the SLFP convention, Parliamentarian Nimal Siripala de Silva said the SLFP should think to which party it was closer. We don't think there will be a doubt about the final answer. Both parties have the same set of principles and share the same vision.

It is unlikely that the SLFP will join the United National Party which had governed the country for over four years in an irresponsible and ineffective manner. Can the SLFP join a party accused of being irresponsible during the Easter terror? Is this what the SLFPers want? Its other option is to field one of its own as the presidential candidate, but it is clear that it doesn’t expect to win the election by doing so. Does that mean it is trying to back the UNP candidate? It seems such a decision will strengthen the UNP. The SLFP should think in-depth about this."



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