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Resolve to make a genuine change to our society: JVP

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna 700 01
The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna has appealed to all Buddhists in Sri Lanka to make this Poson Poya Day the day they resolve to make a genuine change to our society.

JVP has made the appeal in its Poson Message. It reads:

“Poson Full Moon Poya Day is a very important day for Buddhist masses in Sri Lanka. Poson Full Moon Day, considered as the day the advent of Arhat Mahinda Thero together with Buddhism to Sri Lanka does not mark a mere arrival of a religious but has a deeper perception.

With the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by Arhat Mahinda Thero, the impact it made on the social, economic and political whole, as well as the lives of the people, was colossal. Its impact on the state administration and the base of Sri Lankan society that had its roots in agriculture was significant. The influence of Buddhism on the social order and values cannot be ignored. With the arrival of Arhat Mahinda Thero Sri Lanka was recognized in the world as a country that possesses a Buddhist culture.

Today it seems such social order and values are toned down and they are used on behalf of petty interests of individuals and organizations. Especially the rulers, scared of the mass opposition to them, pretend they are with such social order and values. However, what they really do is violating the social order and values on behalf of their petty interests, greed for power and deceitfulness. As a result of these erroneous examples being socialized the whole society generally has become inconsiderate.

Also, at a time violence, in various forms, is trying to raise its head against fraternal communities the value of genuine Buddhism that is based on non-violence and the Buddhist vision on society is significant. Our resolve should be at this moment to protect the social order and values that are disintegrating due to the above conditions and go forward getting close to the genuine values of Buddhism.

We believe that the Poson Full Moon Day, considered as a day that the society in Sri Lanka achieved a novel change, is a day most suitable to draw the attention of the masses towards a new journey the society is craving for at present.

We call upon all Buddhists in Sri Lanka to make this Poson Poya Day the day they resolve to make a genuine change to our society.”



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