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“Assure the country to face challenges unitedly”: Speaker tells President, PM, Opposition Leader

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Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has urged President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa to assure the people that the country is returning to normalcy and regardless of whatever politics they represent, they are ready unitedly to face such challenges to the country.

He made the appeal issuing a special statement to the parliamentary sitting committees.

He said:

It is also evident that the violence carried out by the extremists attacking innocent Muslims and destroying their property inciting flames of hatred was another extension of this disruptive act.

The damage caused to the image of entire Sri Lankans as a civilized society, especially the respect of the Buddhist community, was a more serious blow than the destruction of the property through this incident.

The armed forces, the police and the intelligence units have confirmed that the terrorist movement that was involved in the Easter Sunday attack has been destroyed or arrested.

However, we are pleased that this year's Vesak Festival is celebrated unhindered by a massive crowd with great enthusiasm regardless of the terrifying falsehood.

We urge the public to continuing this attitude engage in day-to-day work and attend to children's school education without hesitation.

The highlight of the Vesak Festival this year is the way that the Catholic, Christian and Muslim communities suppressing unpleasant memories contributed to the Vesak celebration. It is a sign of a dream of a land with peace and prosperity that we assays hope for come true.

Let's not let any force to destroy this unity of the Brotherhood, respect and mutual trust.

We request you to consider whether any intelligent citizen who loves the motherland and the children who accept its future can listen to any kind of extremist traitorous force. Granting a stimulation to such force even ideologically will complicate your daily life.

It will deprive the country of benefits of tourism that provide basis for the economy of the country as well as the economy and foreign direct investments. It will slip the motherland into an abyss that cannot be overcome again.

The parliament is taking many important steps to resolve the issues sustainably. Ministry of Muslim Religious Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Law and Order etc. and relevant Sectoral Committees of the Parliament are preparing necessary legislation. We will ensure that the full support of Parliament will be given to the laws.

Especially during the formulation of the laws against fundamentalism, the support extended by Muslim religious leaders and state leaders, is a testament to show that there is no room for such ideologies in the country.

Considering all of the above, we urge the President, the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader to assure the people that the country is returning to normalcy and regardless of whatever politics they represent, they are ready to unitedly face such challenges to the country.”






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