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Buddha’s teaching more relevant today than ever before: Opposition Leader Mahinda

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Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapakse has observed that Buddha’s teaching is more relevant today than ever before for we live in a world that thrives on conflict. The forces that nurture conflict are pervasive, obstinate and terribly powerful. Therefore Buddha’s words hold more significant and true today.

He made this observation in his Vesak Message.

He states:

“Vesak is the most sacred day in the Buddhist calendar. It is a day Buddhists across the world revere the Birth, the Enlightenment and the Parinibbana (passing away) of the Buddha is celebrated this year with a heavy heart.

Penning this message down less than a month from the tragic attacks on Easter Sunday, the tears have not yet stopped flowing, the wounds not yet healed, the eyes still bloody from weeping and a nation still making an attempt to come to terms with the destruction and death that was left behind in the aftermath of the attacks.

In today's reality the Buddha’s message is even more so relevant in the twenty first century than it was two and a half millennia ago. Buddhism advocates Peace and Non-violence as its universal and core message. “The spirit of tolerance and understanding has been one of the most cherished ideals of Buddhist culture and civilization over centuries.

A basic concept taught by the Buddha; the Four sublime states of mind: Love or Loving-kindness (metta), Compassion (karuna), Sympathetic Joy (mudita), Equanimity (upekkha) provides the answer to all situations arising from social contact. They are great removers of tension, the great peace-makers in social conflict, and the great healers of wounds suffered in the struggle of existence. Just as the Buddha taught, they must not be narrowed by any limitation as to whom they are extended to. They should be non-exclusive and impartial, not bound by selective preferences or prejudices. When practiced in its purest form, they level social barriers, build harmonious communities, awaken slumbering magnanimity long forgotten, revive joy and hope long abandoned, and promote human brotherhood against the forces of egotism.

“Na hi verena verni- sammanti’dha kudcanam Averena ca sammanti- esa dhammo sanantano”- Dhammapada”






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