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Blood, tears that were shed on Easter Sunday must not be repeated, don’t fall a prey to communal snares: Tilwin Silva

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The General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva has appealed to the people that the blood and tears that were shed on the 21st need not be replaced by blood and tears of a different kind. All bloodshed should be stopped. Let the people not get caught in communal snares.

Tilwin Silva was addressing a press conference held at the head office of the JVP recently. The Member of the Central Committee of the JVP Parliamentarian Dr Nalind Jayatissa too was present.

During his address to the media, Tilwin Silva said:

“The JVP appeals to the people, whatever community they belong to, whatever religion they practice and whatever language they speak, not to take measures to sustain communalism. Do not prepare fertile soil for communalism through communal clashes. Do not contribute to making suicide bombers in the country. The JVP would take every move to prevent communal clashes in the country.

Our country has not been able to break loose of the atmosphere created after the carnage on the 21st of last month despite three weeks have gone by. After the attacks on that day the country has fallen to a very dangerous situation. The people live in fear, suspicion and are ill at ease. What should be done now is to take measures to ease up fear and suspicion, bring normalcy to the country and totally defeat the Islamist extremists.

The security forces in our country intervened to suppress the Islamist extremist terrorist group. Extremists were arrested. Various weapons they possessed were seized. Their machinery was weakened. Also, the general public without getting stirred up supported the security forces. This was how the past three weeks moved on. Everyone wanted to bring the lives of the people to normalcy.

In such an atmosphere, uneasiness has been created in the country during the last few days. Several communal clashes have been reported from Kurunegala, Chilaw and Gampaha. After the very harmful extremist attacks on the 21st which caused anguish for the whole nation and attempts were being made to pacify the affected, another group of extremists are creating clashes that hinder such moves.

During the past Sinhalese as well as Muslim leaders sustained communalism. Those who hope to come to power next and those who dreamt of becoming the President supported communalism. The communal clash is not beneficial to the people. It brings destruction to the whole society.

At the terrorist attack on the 21st, we lost nearly 300 lives. However, a large number of lives were lost in the clashes created against the Tamil people in 1983. The ‘black july’ of 1983 was a reason for the creation of Tamil extremist terrorism. The July incidents helped those terrorists to get international support. Due to this terrorism, the people in our country had to go through a very pathetic period. It was a tragedy. The general public had to compensate for thousands of lives. Opportunist groups creating communal clashes ten years after ending such a terrorist war would drag the country and the people towards another severe conflict.

The whole Muslim community need not be responsible for the attacks on the 21st. The extremists involved in the attacks belong to a small group. Legal action should be taken against those politicians and others who supported them.

All Muslims should not be pushed towards extremism by treating them maliciously. Do we have to make more Zaharans from Muslim society? Do we need to create more suicide bombers? What the general public should do is to give their maximum contribution to building National unity. People should intervene to halt communal clashes.

At present various statements are being made that there is an international intervention in our country. Imperialists conspire to find an opportunity to intervene in our country. Any harm to people’s lives or assets due to communal clashes would give imperialists an opportunity to interfere in our country. Do we have to invite this danger? Do we need UNHRC interventions in our country again? Does the country have to get a black mark due to groups of people that paint themselves with patriotism and nationalism but lack real patriotism and love for the Nation but intend plunder and a craze for arson and slaughter? Why do they take steps to create terror, suspicion and uncertainty among people instead of pacifying and building unity among them?

The people want to live normal lives without fear, suspicion and uncertainty. The unity among Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and Malay peoples could be built only by building National unity. The JVP, as a party, always believed in National unity. Hence, we would not allow National unity to be destroyed.“






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