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Resolve to move on a new political journey to achieve genuine victory for country: JVP’s New Year Message

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JVP has urged the masses in the country to resolve in the New Year to move on a new political journey that would achieve genuine victories for the country and the people. Let us resolve and determine to achieve this.

This is stated in the New Year message of the JVP. It further said:

“The country should be taken along a new path that could make every New Year genuinely auspicious. The New Year creates a very precious omen for the masses to aspire for new aspirations and new determinations.

The ‘New Year’ joyously celebrated by the Sinhalese and Tamil masses in Sri Lanka, dawns on 14th April this year. We wish the majority of Sri Lankans who celebrate this cultural festival a Happy New Year.

According to traditional astrological belief, the sun’s movement from the constellation of Pisces to that of Aries is considered as the dawn of a new year. Also, it is a festival celebrated during the leisure enjoyed within the agricultural living pattern once the harvest has been gathered. Accordingly, the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year that is linked to novelty in everything creates a social phenomenon that allows the majority of our people to retrospect and think anew.

Despite all wish to make their lives anew, the administrations that ruled the country throughout last 71 years did not give, except for a few of their cronies, the opportunity for the majority of the people to renew their lives during this period.

This is why the majority of the people have to step on to the new year within an artificial joyous mood stimulated by a commercial wave. For, the government does not have solutions for the issues the masses have been confronted with. While the masses are preparing for a new year with new hopes, the administrations that existed and existing manipulate the Sri Lankan society along the same vicious cycle.

This vicious cycle is the neo-liberal economic system, the destructive path the country has been and is still been taken. The present or past rulers or their followers never had an economic strategy to find a new life for the masses other than deception by changing their faces every now and then. They, despite the economic crisis that confronts the country and the masses, try to find temporary solutions by handing over state assets and natural resources to foreigners while burdening the masses with intolerable taxes and immersing the country and the people in a debt abyss.

Amidst all this and the deep economic and political crises, new hopes of the people for their families and children for an auspicious New Year are getting fainter and fainter. This is why, despite wishing each other for a happy New Year; the New Year would not be auspicious for everyone.

People should deeply scrutinize the reasons why the wishes they exchange during the New Year would not be fulfilled. The masses should come forward to solve the issues that torment them and save the country from the vicious cycle it is being taken towards.”






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