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President won't betray 2015 mandate by the masses: Sajith expresses fervent hope


Housing and Construction Minister and Deputy Leader of the United National Party Sajith Premadasa has expressed a fervent hope that President Maithripala Sirisena will not betray the mandate given by the masses in 2015, he will not go against his commitment to the people of this country.

He made this observation addressing an event held to mark the opening of the 136th model village at Anuradhapura recently.

During his address, Sajith Premadasa said: As the General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, President Sirisena loved his Party immensely but he loved this country more. He saw the destructive rule going on in the country, the violence, the State terrorism. He grasped the growing unrest among the people and due to his love for the country he left the SLFP and accepted the extremely dangerous role of common candidate. There is a need to remind the country repeatedly of the courageous step Sirisena took in 2015.

He accepted the role of common candidate, having seen clearly the fate that had befallen Sarath Fonseka who saved the country and the fate that befell (then Chief Justice) Shirani Bandaranayake and seeing clearly that if he suffered a setback in the elections he would certainly be six feet under. He did so at a time when no one else was willing to come forward.

With the victory of President Sirisena, the forces of racism and those seeking to divide people on religious line were defeated. In a country where people's memories are short, these are things people must be reminded of repeatedly. We must appreciate him. Members of the UNP are forever in debt to Maithripala Sirisena for the sacrifices he had made.

Some disgruntled forces who are out of power are craving for a caretaker government. They haven't forgotten the taste of living in the President's House and at Temple Trees. They are seeing daydreams of a return to the lives of luxury they once lived. They want to return to a time when people were shot dead like at Rathupaswala, so State terrorism can raise its head again.

Brave leader Sirisena would never betray his mandate to fulfil the two-cent dreams of some for a caretaker government. Anyone can talk to him. Those who wanted to bury him six feet under are talking to him now. That is democracy. That is how a civilised society is.

Our President listens to them quietly. He can see what they are up to. He knows it's not to build the country, build houses or to distribute land that they want to be in power. He can understand that they once again want to take the country back to the Hitler era, Mussolini era, an authoritarian era. The person who came forward at risk to his life and that of his family for the sake of democracy and for the country will never betray his mandate. That is certain."


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