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President's proposal to execute death penalty an ad hoc statement: Dinesh Gunawardena


Joint Opposition Parliamentary group leader MP Dinesh Gunawardana has condemned the President's decision to sign orders to execute death penalty of drug convicts was another ad hoc statement made by the Government.

Responding to the media, he said:

"This claim that the death penalty will be brought in as a measure to curb the rising drug menace is nothing but an ad hoc statement similar to many such statements made by this Government. The death penalty has been a part of the legal system for over four decades.

The narcotics issue has become uncontrollable in the country and the Government has not taken measures to address the issue. The flow of drugs into this country has been increasing in the past two years. We want to know what the Government is planning to do to curb this pressing problem. We want the Government to have a proactive plan to combat the spread of illegal drugs; making statements is not enough."



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