The miraculous power and Pancharatha


By “Kalabooshanam” Chelvathamby Maniccavasagar

Matale is an ancient historical town and even pilgrims from India visit this holy temple. The chariot festival of Matale Muthu Mariamman temple has taken place from generation to generation, where Sri Lankans irrespective of race,religion and caste participate in large numbers.

The Glory of Matale Muthumari Amman


It is indeed a blessing to construct a temple for the almighty "Ambigai" in Matale. With the beautiful environment and bountiful culture, the present temple came into existence for Ambigai" where there has been just a hut in the early days at the place called Pannaham to worship her. Exactly the year which this kovil was constructed cannot be mentioned, but the owner of that land named as “suppiah pillai” wrote a conditional deed in 1852 and ne submitted to this kovil. Probably the members of this kovil are seven “NADARS” and  ‘5 NAGARATHAR”. After that TR law has been Implemented and in 1960 that condition was changed.






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