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Slandering heroes through Parliamentary privilege unethical: Bandula


Joint Opposition MP Bandula Gunawardena has condemned that it is unethical to slander national heroes exercising parliamentary privileges.

Addressing the House on the debate on Commissions' report, he stated that such acts should not be encouraged. This is not something that happens in a developed and civilized Parliament.

He went on that since the period we were under foreign rule, our national heroes were slated and slandered and publicly executed in many instances, but today, we have erected monuments in their honour and we honour them as heroes. At present, a new trend in attacking our national heroes have commenced since January 2015. The heroes who saved our country from separatist terrorists, intelligence officers and leaders who gave leadership to this struggle are being pursued and attacked.

He added that during the terror reign of the LTTE, many of our innocent citizens were slaughtered indiscriminately, while great national leaders were killed in a most demeaning manner. It was former leaders of the previous regime that took on the challenge bravely and rid the country of terrorism. But unfortunately, we live in a country that puts such people to low levels and attacks them in the lowest possible manner. This is our misfortune to have to represent such a Parliament in this country.



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