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Dinesh opts for PSC to coordinate release of military held lands in the North


Joint Opposition Parliamentary Group Leader Dinesh Gunawardena has proposed the appointment of a Parliament Select Committee to coordinate the release of military held land in the North. PSC will help expedite the release of military held lands in the North.

He was addressing at the Committee Stage Debate of Budget 2018 in the Parliament. He stated that the land issue in the North has been internationalized now. These are issues we could resolve domestically. De-mining had been completed in most of the areas at present.

He added that the Joint Opposition complained to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) over the delay in elections and Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) over the suppression of rights and privileges of the JO.

He said:“Do not make the environment that we always had to run to the CPA or IPU to resolve our matters. It is up to the Speaker to intervene impartially and create an environment where all members would feel that we are respecting the traditions and established norms laid down.”




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