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Actions taken to expedite disposal of cases: Thalatha Athukorale


Justice and Foreign Employment Minister Thalatha Athukorale has stated that measures have been taken to recruit more judges and officers to the Attorney General’s Department and to increase the number of courts as well in order to expedite the disposal of cases.

She was participating in the Committee Stage debate of the Budget 2018 as the Finance Heads of the Justice Ministry was taken up in Parliament for debate.

During the debate, she stated that a committee was appointed regarding the changes to the Civil Procedure Code and Cabinet approval for it was expected. The salary increment for the AG’s Department officials is required because an increment was not effected for them over the past 10 years. Now we have received approval from the President and the Prime Minister in this regard and we expect to implement the proposals by January 2018.

She added that appointing of High Court judges was not completed. The country has 75 High Court Judges. The normal procedure is to appoint 74 but only 73 were appointed and another will be appointed shortly. The matters with regard to the Supreme Court and the Appeals Court are carried out in accordance with the Constitution.

She went on that the AG’s Department is doing a great deal of work. When the opposition levels allegations against the AG’s Department, they forget that the AG’s Department was under the former President earlier. Now our government has taken measures to recruit more officers. AG’s Department is functioning independently.




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