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Setting up of Constitutional Assembly is breach of Constitution: Wijedasa


Former Minister UNP Parliamentarian Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe has urged Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to declare that the motion passed in Parliament to set up a constitutional assembly to formulate a new constitution is illegal.

He has made the request in a letter addressed to Speaker. He argued that that the conduct and process of the Constitutional Assembly are against the provisions of the Constitution and the Speaker would have to take the blame for permitting Parliament to engage in an anti-constitutional act. It is the duty of the Speaker to rectify the error. Otherwise, the Speaker should take the responsibility for the chaotic situation which will result in the country due to protests against a new constitution. The Constitutional Assembly is an illegal institution. It will create a constitutional crisis in the country. If there is any need to amend the Constitution or introduce a new Constitution, then there is a clear procedure outlined in the Constitution itself. Deliberately violating that process will amount to a callous disregard for people’s sovereignty. 

He charged that the interim report of the steering committee of the Constitutional Assembly contains proposals to divide the country in violation of the provisions of the present constitution. Speaker must declare the interim report of the steering committee of the constitutional assembly as illegal and to put an end to that process.



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