Let’s not send Sampanthan empty handed to his people: Mano Ganesan


Minister for National Co-existence and Official Languages and Leader of the Tamil Progressive Alliance Mano Ganesan has appealed to all political parties in the south to offer TNA Chief Rajavarothiam Sampanthan a reasonable power sharing arrangement so that he would not go back empty handed.

He was addressing the fourth day of debate on the Interim Report of the Steering Committee. He went on that Sampanthan is criticized by certain sections of the Tamil polity as a traitor for his compromise for consensus on the issues to find a lasting solution through power sharing arrangements in a new constitution.

He said that while the Sinhalese people had reasonable fears that power sharing could lead to separation, the Tamil people also had justifiable fears that they would always be second-class citizens in a country that was supposed to be multi-ethnic and multi-religious. We have to allay such fears and move on.

“I have my issues with the TNA on certain issues. But I have understood that this is the last chance at finding a long-term solution to the national question. Sampanthan is our last chance, “ he said.




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