Strike a balance between stability and democracy in constitution: Champika

JHU Parliamentarian Minister Champika Ranawake has urged that the parties must ensure both stability of the State and democracy in the proposed constitution. We have to strike a balance between stability and democracy.

He was taking part in the debate on the Interim Report of the Steering Committee in the Constitutional Assembly. He said: “Today, all 225 MPs have agreed to work towards a new Constitution. We have had 3 Constitutions before this, but none of them had worked for a broad consensus in this manner. Hence, we can be happy that such an endeavour is being made now.

We must also ensure that, if a new Constitution is framed, it must get the support of the majority of the Sinhalese as well as the Tamil people of this country. The Jathika Hela Urumaya that I represent was part of the Constitution-making process, and we have given our proposals to the CA.

We are for the unitary status of this country, and it is a feature that has been guaranteed from the Soulbury Constitution onwards.”




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