Current constitution perhaps the last chance to resolve ethnic conflict: Dilan


Sri Lanka Freedom Party Parliamentarian State Minister Dilan Perera has appealed to all parties to grasp this opportunity to resolve the country’s ethnic conflict through constitution making. We must not miss this last chance.

He was addressing the Constitutional Assembly on the second day of debate on the Interim Report by the Steering Committee. He charged that for too long the two main political parties had played political “football with the national question”. On every side of the political divide, political leaders had made big mistakes.

He added that the current Parliament had a unique opportunity to achieve a solution because both main parties were stakeholders in a Unity Government. We must be flexible, we must be willing to compromise. The UNP, SLFP, JVP and TNA have become inflexible in our own positions.

Delivering on a new Constitution would be the best way to answer racists and nationalists who were trying to set the country ablaze again.

“Make no mistake, this is the last bus. After Sampanthan’s leadership, the TNA will never agree to include the word ‘ekeeya’ in a Constitution again,” Dilan Perera concluded.




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