Adequately compensate, relocate victims of Meethotamulla disaster: Sampanthan


Opposition Leader R.Sampanthan has urged the Government to take immediate steps to adequately compensate the victims and relocate the affected people and also as a matter of utmost urgency, to come up with solutions to the growing garbage crisis in the country.

Moving an Adjournment Motion in Parliament he urged the Government to do all in its capacity to alleviate the pains and sufferings of victims of the Meethotamulla garbage dump collapse for all past and present governments should take responsibility for it.

He further stated that Meethotamulla was just the tip of an ice berg. Our country could face even many more greater disasters in several spheres, unless there is a radical change in this political culture. The culture of politics in this country has become such that no issue however important to the country and its people, could be addressed free of political influence and political meddling. Our political culture is such that anything, irrespective of whether it is right or wrong, moral or immoral, legal or illegal, shall be done to promote their political careers to acquire and retain political power for their own convenience,” he remarked. The contemporary politicians are increasingly becoming unwilling or unable to accept and truly respect the democratic verdict of the people.

He added that this political culture must change for the better. Those elected by the people are elected to serve the best interests of the country and its people and not to device ways and means or tactics to subvert that trust placed on them by the people for their own political gains and benefits. Claims of alleged patriotism could never be a substitute for action that demonstrates a genuine commitment to honestly serve the country.





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