Wickramanayaka never fanned flame of communalism for political gain: Opposition Leader


Opposition Leader R Sampanthan stated that late Wickramanayake was not a person who used communalism or chauvinism for political gain.  He was addressing the House on the Condolence Vote on late Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka.

He said: “I valued my interactions with him because I always felt that I was interacting with a person who had very clear and strong views, but at the same time, those were very modest views.

He was firmly of the view that this country should be undivided, indivisible and united, but also held the view that all the people in this country must be able to live with equality and justice.

He was very careful to maintain the highest decorum and dignity of this House and never did anything that would reduce this august assembly to a common market place. He was not noisy, arrogant and aggressive.”




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