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Offering mantle of opposition leader to UPFA will be a bad precedent in Parliamentary Democracy; Bimal cautions Dinesh


Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Parliamentarian Bimal Rathnayake has observed that granting the post of the opposition leader to the JO will set a bad precedent in Parliamentary democracy.

He was addressing Parliament on Tuesday. He stated that if the JO demanded the post of opposition leader then the entire Cabinet should first resign because there could no longer be a national government after that.

He said: "The number of ministers was increased under the pretext of forming a national government. If the UPFA is given the Opposition Leader post, then the number of ministers should be limited to 30 under the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

Offering the mantle of the Opposition Leader to the UPFA could set a bad precedent that the future rulers may exploit to retain the control of both the Government as well as the Opposition. Besides that JO's de facto leader former President Mahinda Rajapsaka had not voted against the Government at any crucial vote in Parliament."



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