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Expectations to end culture of impunity shattered: Sumanthiran laments (Video)


Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian M.A.Sumanthiran has expressed lament that the expectations of the people to end the culture of impunity with the change of government has been shattered by the conduct of the government.

While condemning the government for the lack of spine, he praised JVP Leader Anura Dissanayake for his forthright views and stance.

He was addressing the House at the Adjournment Debate in Parliament. He continued that when the people elected a new leader and a new government into office on January 8, 2015, they thought the culture of impunity prevailing in the country would change and that people would be able to live peaceful lives.

He added that this sentiment had been shattered as the Government continues the same attitude as previously held. The government in power has the feeling that they must pander to extremist elements and go soft on them. However, the majority community does not expect this kind of mayhem to continue. The Government is back peddling on its commitments in fear of losing its popularity. After the LG polls results, the Government has gone into a shell. It is not able to stand up and do the right thing. If this goes on like this, there would never be a change. The fundamental belief that one must pander to extremist elements must change if other communities are to be able to live with dignity.

"I compliment the sentiments expressed by MP Anura Dissanayake in the House today and that kind of spine seems to be lacking in the Government. If you can't stand up for the right thing and for the various communities that are numerically inferior, you have no right to govern the country," he told the Government. 


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