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Take steps to prevent recurrence of incidents of violence: Hakeem


Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader Minister Rauff Hakeem has urged that all persons who expect the country's democracy, fundamental rights, exercise of justice, peace and reconciliation among communities, especially the clergy, politicians, civil society, professionals and all those who treasure justice to take immediate action to prevent recurrence of such unfortunate incidents like this in future.

While thanking the President, the Prime Minister and the authorities for their good response that was made promptly to control the situation, he stressed that such unfortunate incidents should not happen to any community.

During his speech, he said: "After the conclusion of the local authority elections, incidents such as acts of ethnic violence, attacks on places of religious worship and causing of damage to properties of people have been emerging in various places in the country, especially in the AmparaDistrict and Kandy District.

It has become clear that these incidents are not isolated incidents but are acts that are being carried out in a conspiratorial manner by organized factions and individuals against one particular community with the objective of destabilizing the country and the government.

The latest of this series of incidents are the unfortunate ones that occurred within the Kandy District centring on areas such as Digana and Theldeniya yesterday (on March 5th). What becomes clear when focusing attention very carefully on the these incidents is that organized groups and individuals have, on account of certain incidents, arrived at the places where the incidents have occurred and unleashed violence in a severe manner. Although on the surface it looks as if the violence is unleashed against Muslim people, it should be made clear that myriad sinister motives in fact exist in the interior.

Clear and direct evidence disclosed the fact that the attacking and damaging of mosques and restaurants and causing a severe violent situation were carried out by an unlawful assemblage of persons in one continuing act. Many questions have been raised regarding the manner in which action was taken in this regard and how the law was enforced.

It should be stated that the sinister motives behind incidents of this nature are to destroy the good impression which the United Nations and the international community already have, to destabilize the country and drag it into an abyss, and to thereby disrupt the economic activity of people."


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