Parliamentary majority jettisoned accommodation of dissent: Hakeem laments


Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader Minister Rauff Hakeem has lament over the fact that Parliamentary majority jettisoned the Parliamentary feature of accommodating dissent. Alternative points of view could not be presented. What was more pathetic was that alternative views were considered rebellious, anti-national and unpatriotic.

Recognition of pluralism fundamental for genuine democracy:Sampanthan


Opposition Leader R.Sampanthan has observed that recognition of and respect for pluralism are fundamental to the achievement of genuine democracy .Incipient steps towards respect and recognition of Pluralism by agreement between much respected Leaders of this country were unfortunately not implemented. Constitutions that were claimed to be autochthonous were no more than self-serving and did not in any way serve the needs of a pluralist society, on the contrary they entrenched majoritariansm.






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