TNA has agreed to indivisible island, not unitary state …Sumanthiran in the House

Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian M.A.Suanthiran has stated that his party TNA has clearly and in unambiguous words stated that we stand for ‘one, undivided and even indivisible country. That is all what we have agreed to. We certainly had not agreed to what is classically known as a ‘Unitary State,’ meaning a particular system of Governance. A Constitution to which all its people agree which is sine qua non for the country to move forward.

Island marching towards reconciliation under Maithripala, Ranil: Fowzie

State Minister of National Integration & Reconciliation A.H.M. Fowzie has observed that under the unity government led by President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Sri Lanka is now marching towards economic prosperit, reconciliation and national integration. He was addressing the committee stage debate on Budget 2017.

During the address, he said: “The people of this country had given a clear mandate to achieve peace through reconciliation and national integration at the Presidential Election and General Election held in 2015. Today we have a golden opportunity to be united as a single nation, keeping aside all our differences. We should make use of this given opportunity to lay a firm foundation to make our country a reconciled and prosperous nation.

There are a large number of countries in our region which had achieved all round advancements. People in several of these countries have concentrated on economic progress other than on religious or racial issues. They have already achieved better living standards for their people. Race, language, culture and religion are respected in those countries. But they are not the main or the national issues facing them.

But here in Sri Lanka, issues relating to race, religion, language and culture are often being exploited by the people instead of using a mechanism for uniting them. We talk less of our Sri Lankan identity but talks more on religious, communal, linguistic and regional identities.

No doubt all communities have problems. The government is committed to solve them. The government is addressing them, issue by issue. However, we could not achieve reconciliation or national integration. The main task that the government has to achieve through our ministry, is addressing social queries and ensuring national unity by respecting our differences.”

Vasu calls for sound provincial governance for reconciliation


UPFA MP Vasudeva Nanayakkara has called for a sound Provincial Governance system in the country for meaningful national reconciliation. He was addressing the House in the Committee Stage debate of ‘Budget 2017’ when Financial Heads of National Dialogue, National Integration and Reconciliation and Disaster Management Ministries were taken up in Parliament.






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