Vidya gang rape, murder trial; opening address by Acting AG


Acting Attorney General Dappula de Livera has stated that the motive behind the gang rape and murder of school girl Vidya was to video the rape and killing and sell it to the international market following a contract with foreign nationals.

He made this observation in his opening address in the case heard before the Trial at Bar chaired by High Court Judge Balendran Sasi Mahendran. The other members are High Court Judges Manicavasagar Illancheliyan and Annalingam Prem Shankar.

Continuing his address, Counsel Livera submitted that this was the first time in the history of judiciary that a Trial at Bar is held in Jaffna. The prosecution has filed an indictment comprising 41 charges. He was confident that this hearing in Jaffna will enhance the efficacy of the law in the peninsula.

He went on that the victim in the crime committed is an eighteen year old girl. Her killing and the causes for the offence had caused a great shock and agitations in the whole country. It had questioned the prevalence of law and order in the peninsula. It had caused a sense of fear among the parents and the student population. The initial inquiries were made by the Kayts police. It was followed up by the Criminal Investigations Department. The CID officials had acted meticulously in order to ensure justice is meted out.

He stated that there were attempts to save the culprits. Inquiries had been made into that matter and a separate case is to be filed against those involved in that matter. In such a context, this case is not an ordinary case of gang rape or murder.

He argued that this was a well organized and pre-meditated crime. Another group had tried through this crime to bring disgrace to the island. There is evidence to prove that the ninth accused attempting to offer a bribe of 20 million rupees to an investigating officer. This offence was committed to internationalize the crime and bring disrepute to the island.

In this trial, 1st, 2nd and 3rd accused are members of the same family. 4th and the 5th accused are brothers. 6th and 9th accused are relatives.

He concluded that it is his fervent hope that the judgment in the trial will send a message to the accused and the public.





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