All That I Ask You: A Heart to Love, Give, Serve


                                                  That I Ask You…
                                                  A Heart to Love…
                                                  A Heart to Give…
                                                  A Heart to Serve…

By V.Kailasapillai

                                                                                      I ask from Thee oh! Lord,

                                                                                       Grant Thou me a Boon:

                                                                                            A Heart to Love

                                                                                           A Heart to Give,

                                                                                           A Heart to Serve,

                                                                                            Thee oh! Lord.

                                                                         When Life flows and flows like a song

                                                                            All cheers and nothing goes wrong

                                                                     When my Heart swings and beats like a gong.

                                                                                         All That I Ask You,

                                                                                           A Heart to Love,

                                                                                           A Heart to Give,

                                                                                           A Heart to Serve

                                                                                           Thee Oh! Lord  

                                                                             When the waves of flows low tide

                                                                              My tears and fears I cannot hide

                                                                               When my days and nights are

                                                                                          But sobs and sighs

                                                                                          All That I Ask You,

                                                                                          A Heart to Love,

                                                                                          A Heart to Give,

                                                                                          A Heart to Serve,

                                                                                          Thee Oh Lord.

                                                                              Life is a process of awakening

                                                                      The bud of human consciousness slowly,

                                                                       But surely and steadily blossoms into a

                                                                         Divine Flower of Love and Wisdom,

                                                                       This is the purpose of all existence here.

                                                                           May the Divine Masters, guide

                                                                                Us from within and without

                                                                               May we all Blossoms into

                                                                       Divine Flowers of Love and Wisdom

                                                             Wisdom help us to love, love helps us to know

                                                                     So, to know is to love, to love is to know.

A Heart to LOVE….

Saints and sages always say that love is God and God is Love. In this connection let us look at a quotation from Thrumoolar

அன்பும் சிவமும் இரண்டு என்பர் அறிவிலார்

அன்பே சிவமாவது யாரும் அறிகிலார்

அன்பே சிவமாவது யாரும் அறிந்தபின்

அன்பே சிவமாய் அமர்ந்து இருப்பாரே.

Saints and sages have clearly indicated time and again that we should shower our LOVE upon everybody and live up the saying of Jesus “Love Thy neighbor as thyself”. They have been repeatedly harping that we should see the DIVINE “spark” in one and all.

True love

Let us go a little deeper. Is there a possibility that our feelings of either ‘being loved’ at any given moment. Need not necessarily constitute love in its true sense? The feeling of ‘being of love “can change but not love per se. the proof of the pudding is eating. Isn’t it?  If the fullness of heart then, has become the emptiness now, inner joy then has become restlessness now, wordless satisfaction then, has become wordless frustration now, then it is not love. it cannot be love. That means that our mere belief or feeling of emotional relationship, since it is dependent on our particular inner personality at any given moment- when the mood changes, the relationship breaks and leads to frustration.

What exactly then is the true relationship? Physical proximity or intimacy? – Definitely not. The emotional feeling of “being in Love?”- Probably not, deducing from the above analysis and experiences of many. But yet there is this constant inner struggle because we find that relationship is inevitable in life. We find that the life is nothing but a series of relationships. Despite the difficulties of understanding true relationship and all the uncertainties attached to it, one things certain that emotional relationship, however temporary it may be, does give us joy and inner satisfaction. In the majority of human beings we find that, the feeling of being loved or belief of ‘being loved’ or being in love’.   

Unselfish Love

Now being loved, that is taking love, gives us more satisfaction than giving love. This is the case with the majority of human beings. But it is not the total truth about us. In the initial stages of our emotional maturity and in our evolution, we find greater happiness and joy in ‘being loved’ than in ‘loving’, ‘that is giving love’. But is only half the story of ‘real person’. There is within each one of us, an untold story, a chapter which is yet to be experience, a priceless treasure which is yet to be unearthed. Many of us do not know about it. We get a glimpse of that treasure within each one of us when we experience joy while looking at a flower, a lovely landscape, or while playing with a child. Do we ever think deeply of these experiences or the spontaneity of our feeling then?. Have we ever contemplated or reflected on these experiences in our lives?. What causes this joy and elation of our spirits when we play with a child, while we smile at a flower or while we enjoy the beauty of a landscape? What’s happening to us at this point?

In all these situations and at all such times unconsciously we bring out and express that hidden treasure- the hidden power within us. It is an inner urge which we are yet to know and bring out consciously, and that hidden   treasure which is present in all these occasions is expressed in that craving, that soul- yearning desire to love. Saints and sages mean to give love and not to take love, is what comes out of all these occasions. We are not being loved by the child or the flower: Neither are we being loved by the landscape. Child and certainly the flower and the landscape do not respond to us. They are just there, but we love them. We love the child, the flower, and the landscape with no expectation, with no reward or returning response for that act. Yet we enjoy in ‘giving love’. we have  expressed and experienced that power within, without being consciously aware of it. Quite a few souls have brought this power to give love, with love, to love.

In fact this power is the core of our personality, the real you. The ‘real me’, the ‘real anyone’,  the real anything’ when this hidden power is brought out, understood and given. The joy of inner satisfaction reaches its climax, reaches perfection and then that joy-oh! That joy- what to say of it- what to think of it – what to think of it – it is an experience which is not feeling, not thinking. It is inexpressible like that of a reality, more real than most of the pleasures we have experienced in our physical and emotional relationships in all the bygone lives.        

Purest Love

Now we come to the point.  The quintessence of true relationship is established only when one establish himself with the inner ‘self’ of himself. Then alone can we establish true relationship with us, with anyone – the ‘real person’ and the ‘real anyone’.  The inner communion is outer communication. It is love in love with love. It is at once loving and being loved. Which involves not two bodies , not two minds, not even two hearts, but one in two, one in –and –though two.  Until this   relationship is established there is constant conflict, there is going to be continuous struggle, there will be various experiments with this and that person – an experiment in relationship. Till then there will be disappointments frustrations, pains and sorrows though, there will be temporary joy and satisfaction.

To know this truth is to realize everything. To understand is to Love and Live to Love is to know – to know is to Love, for,, Love is wisdom. Wisdom helps us to Love- Love helps us to know. Love is power- Love is truth and beauty – Love is virtue. To love is to be loved – To Love is to be divinely sublimated – To Love is to be immersed in the joy and rapturous Bliss. To Love is sanctity and Holiness.

Love is not an act, nor is a tough – Love not a feeling – love is just ‘Being’ – Love is – Love alone “Is”.

Once we make it s habit to live up to this ideal we will have no more quarrels and no more animosity with anyone. Initially one would find it difficult to follow this but with persistent effort in viewing the DIVINITY in all beings it would become a routine.

A Heart to Give…

Practically all the saints and sages say that GIVER is more blessed than the receiver. Invariably all of us tend to forget that the wealth we have is given to us by GOD


Greed or aggrandizement is universal. Animals have greed, human beings have it, and everybody has it. Everybody wants to have all sorts of things around him. Everybody wants to accumulate things around his body, and this greed is never satisfied. The more we get the more does the flame fed. In churches, in Hindu temples, in the place of workshop of all other religions, everywhere, the preachers deliver long sermons and say “Do not fall a prey to greed” They put forth all their energies to strangle it: they want to remove it, to eradicate it, but it is there despite all their efforts. It cannot be throttled, it cannot check, and it is there. Before we want to kill greed, before we want to kill this disease, let us know the cause of it. Unless we tell the cause of the disease, we are not expected to be in a position to cure the disease. To say that satan puts into our hearts is unscientific is un-philosophical. It is contrary to all the laws of logic.

Hindu scriptures explain it by saying that there is in you, “O man, the reality, the true self, the real atman asserting itself; it cannot be crushed. “ They say that no energy can be destroyed, no force can be annihilated. Hindu scriptures say, “O Preachers, O Christians, Hindu, Buddhists and Mohammedans, O cannot crush down this energy, you cannot be crush down this force which appears in the form of greed. From time immemorial all sorts or religion have been preaching against greed, against aggrandizement but the word is not bit better for all the Veda, Bible and so on. Greed is there. The energy cannot be destroyed, but we can make the right use of it. “Hindu scriptures say “O man of the world, you make a mistake. Through the mistake, through ignorance of attributing the glory of the body o the real self to the body and the worthlessness of the body to the real self, we fall a victim to greed. Eradicate this error, and we would be God immortal. Redeem the real self in us, take a firm stand in the true self and realize ourselves to be God of gods, the lord of lords, and it would come impossible for us to seek these outside things and accumulate them round this body”.

In point of fact the wealth is given to us by God and we would thus realize that is not for aggrandizement. We would therefore consider ourselves as custodian of such wealth to be used to be for the benefit of those who are oppressed and live below ‘poverty line’.

First and foremost we should learn to feed the poor, step by step we should render financial assistance toward the education of the poor children thereby providing such children with an opportunity to earn their livelihood- and looking after the destitute Elderly persons and so on.

We should remind ourselves of the fact when each and every one of us were born and came into existence in this world we never brought with us even a grain. Again when we eventually depart by casting away our physical form do not take with us anything. His holiness Swami Shantanand Saraswathi has repeatedly stressed that what we enjoy as wealth in this world is a Prasadham from GOD. There is a Tamil saying by Pattinaththar:-

பிறக்கும் பொழுது கொடுவந்ததில்லை பிறந்து மண்மேல்

இறக்கும்    பொழுது கொடுபோவதில்லை இடைநடுவில்

குறிக்கும் இச்சல்வம் சிவன் தந்ததென்று கொடுக்கறியாது

இறக்கும்   குலாமருக் கென்சொல்லுகேன் கச்சியேகம்பனே


Let us first analyze the general human weakness of being indolence, particularly when it comes to matters like service.


According to Hindu scriptures, the cause of the universality of indolence is that real self within each and all is perfect rest, is peace, and the real self being infinity cannot move. The infinity cannot move. It is the finite only that can move. In the infinity there must be change. The real self within is infinite; it is all rest; it is all peace. There is no motion there. That being the case, the infinity, and the peacefulness of the real self is through ignorance carried to the body and the body suffers from sloth and indolence in it. That is the cause of indolence being universal in the whole world.

We should be conscious that those of us who are born as human being should cultivate an attitude of serving the poor and the needy. We should remember that GOD has given us the ability and requisite resources to be in a position to SERVE those who haven’t got the ability and resources to maintain their respective families and themselves.

Service to mankind is the best form of prayer one can offer to GOD  

மக்கள் சேவையே மகேஸ்வரன் பூசை

When we realize this and live up to ideal, there will be on problem in cultivating the habit of ‘Service’.






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